Lift-sliding door

Lift-sliding door

Suggest location: lobby, separation of room, living room, etc. 

Main style: single leaf lift-sliding, double leaf lift-sliding, combination lift-sliding, etc.

Profile option: aluminum, PVC, wood, aluminum & wood, aluminum & PVC

Glass option: single glass, heat-reflection glass, Low-e glass, double glass, laminated glass, bullet-resisting glass

Hardware: hardware special for this kind of doors

Options: sub-frame, grilles, blinds. 


Applicable position: balcony, indoor partition, living room and other large opening parts.

Main window types: single fan lifting, pushing and pulling, double fan lifting, pushing and pulling, lifting, pushing and pulling combination, etc..

Mainly use in big opening doors, the max. for width is 3335mm, for height is 2675mm. It can load a weight of 400 kilogram, the threshold could be very low that brings more convenience.