Company Profile

  Shineyhope windows and doors Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, covers an area of 30 thousand square meters. The company has a German windows and doors automatic welding line, a complete set of first-class domestic production processing and testing equipment, and also has double glass production line.
  The six leading products for the conventional thermal broken aluminium system, anti-theft isolation mosquito integrated system, Chinese style bridge insulation system, multi cavity plastic system,  fire resistant thermal broken system, fire resistant plastic system. The system of sound insulation, heat insulation, anti mosquito products, anti-theft, safety, energy saving, fire resistance performance is excellent.
 Shineyhope selected the first batch of Fujian Province, building energy-saving product promotion directory; a qualified professional contractor; the production of fixed-point operations Chinese PVC-U windows and doors enterprise; the city was rated "fifteen" during the "wall materials innovation and building energy saving windows and doors industry advanced collective"; "Fujian famous brand"; "Fujian Province, the first batch of customer satisfaction products"; "Chinese PVC-U windows and doors industry famous brand" title; Xiamen city in Fujian province famous trademark; the first batch of pilot enterprises in Fujian province "standard windows processing base.
 Shineyhope brand adhere to twenty years till now. Innovation driven development, always supports high quality and high performance products, efforts to improve and enhance customer service experience. 




Bi-folding door
Tilt-sliding door
Lift-sliding door
sliding with awning
casement window inward


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To make a better service, we provide technical services as following:

1.Consult windows and doors standards.

2.Consult the ways of pruducing or installing windows and doors.

3.Cooperate on drafting relevant specifications, standards and atlas.

In order to meet the needs of the real estate developers in the design of the windows and doors of the project, the design service is provided with the heart: and doors suggestion in the early stage.

2.provide the windows and doors plan or optimization

3.provide the windows and doors construction drawning.

To meet the needs of different customers

Customers have special requirements for some projects. We provide product research and design services.
We provide projects windows and doors producing and installing services:

  We have professional production and technical workers, project installation workers, and have advanced production facilities and construction tools, which can undertake a large number of production tasks and installation tasks.

We provide retail services:

1. make an appointment
2. measure the size
3. provide the drawing
4. sign a related contract
5. pay the down payment
6. arrange production
7. pay the rest of the money
8. make an appointment to install windows and doors

In order to continue the quality and performance of the product, we provide after-sales service.